This product is available in powder and liquid form.

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Crone Micrometric CR Ceramic Powder

This ceramic powder is very versatile. The micro-organisms in the powder restore the balance of various liquids and soils. Crone Micrometric CR Ceramic Powder is a product that can easily be used for a wide range of applications and processes. It is a material with which, among other things, the quality of water can be improved. EM-X Ceramics can also positively influence the germination capacity of seeds and the growth of plants. When tackling environmental problems, the production of foodstuffs, saving energy consumption and improving the health of soil, crops, animals and people, it can easily be used and the results will amaze you.

The effect is based, among other things, on the vitalizing and cleansing effect of the long-wave infrared absorption and on the growth of EM bacteria that have a constructive effect, break down pathogens and prevent pathogens.
The enormous ecological effects, especially on water, are very positive.
the chlorine evaporates; the water becomes coherent
the contaminants in the water are dissolved and broken down by the antioxidants.
In this way the water becomes an excellent drinking water.
When consumed, it provides the body with a better means of transporting the nutrients in the body.

This product is available in powder and liquid form.

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1000 Gram, 1000 Liter